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Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Kind Of Maintenance Should I Do For A New Roof?

Most new roofs will require very little maintenance, but Ideal Roofing and Construction llc recommends that you keep your roof free from debris and replace any damaged or out of place shingles. We're happy to assist with roof maintenance and repair jobs.

How Much Will It Cost For A Completely New Roof?

There are a number of factors that go into a new roofing price, such as the chosen material, the size of the roof, the time of year, and more. We encourage you to get multiple quotes and a comparison of services before deciding.

Will The Summer Heat Melt My Vinyl Siding?

Under normal conditions, the natural heat will never melt your siding. However, you should take care to make sure no other heat sources like an outdoor grill are placed to close to your siding-covered walls.

Is Vinyl Siding A Good Choice?

Often looked down upon because of its lower price, vinyl siding is an excellent option for minimal maintenance. Cleaning is easily done with a garden hose and expensive home painting is no longer an issue.

What Kind Of Gutters Can You Install?

Ideal Roofing and Construction llc is capable of installing all types of gutters, including K-style, built-in, half round, seamless, coppers, yankee gutters, and many other models. We'll advise which one we think is the best fit for your property.

Does The Material Of The Gutters Matter?

Yes, definitely. Strong steel gutters will eventually rust over time (unless they're stainless steel), but are more durable than vinyl and other materials. Aluminum often represents the best cost value for performance.